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The AlexaLife Wound Protection, 4 pieces, is the ideal solution for keeping the wounds of your animals clean and protected. Designed with a unique perforated cover, it elevates above the wound to prevent dirt, insects, and other infection risks from disrupting the healing process.

The small holes in the cover allow oxygen to enter, which is essential for wound healing. With a soft consistency, it is easy to apply to rounded areas such as paws and tails.

Additionally, ensure further protection by using AlexaLife Wound Protection. This protective layer adds an extra level of defense against external elements, enhancing the overall healing process.

Keep your animals wounds safe, with The AlexaLife Wound Protection for animals.

They are also ideal for treating the wound with Photizo Vetcare for faster healing and Leucillin to eliminate bacteria. All of this is possible thanks to the medical silicone with perforated holes.

AlexaLife Wound Protection

19,00 €Cena
PTU w tym
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