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Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2 -PRO  comes with one pair of Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2, one legLIGHT S2 to the right leg, and one legLIGHT S2 for the left leg.

The new Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2 - the perfect fit, has added details that provide optimal usability, safety and effect. Photonic Light's legLIGHT S2 has the market's most closely placed and highest number of LEDs, with its 320 medical-grade LED.

Photonic Lights legality S2- the perfect fit, is a large, soft and exclusive treatment wrap. Attaches with elastic bands for optimal Close Contact treatment, while the luxurious memory foam ensures to avoid accidental pressure on tendons and ligaments.
The elastic straps make it possible for both large and small horses to use the Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2 and get all the positive results it provides.

Photonic Light's legLIGHT S2 is designed according to the request of our customers for an optimal program to increase the circulation in the horse's legs, and of course also in the other areas of the body on which Photonic Light's legLIGHT S2 is used.

Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2 is the only therapeutic light therapy treatment on the market for horse legs, with 4 different programs, which are specially designed to increase circulation, anti-stress, better performance and pain relief, as well as modulated with frequency therapy for tendons and ligaments.

Why is good circulation important for the horse?
The horse's blood circulation affects many aspects of its life and health, as well as providing oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body, which contributes to various body functions.

"The five heart of the horse", refers to the pumping function that each leg provides, returning the blood from the distal limbs back to the heart. When a horse is stabled a lot, or lack of outdoor time in winter, this pump function will be greatly reduced.
Therefore, good circulation will have many tangible benefits.
Photonic Light's legLIGHT S2 accelerates circulation and helps your horse:

  • Maintain their strong muscles
  • Ensure optimal hoof health
  • Accelerate recovery from injury or illness
  • Reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis
  • Improve the horse's coat
  • Reduce the swelling associated with lymphangitis

It is also suitable for treating other parts of the horse's body.


Therapeutic light therapy is dose dependent:
Research has shown that different problems and injuries need different doses of wavelengths, frequencies and time. Therefore, Photonic Lights legality S2 is equipped with a specially designed control panel. The panel controls the 16 protocols, with varying treatment lengths from 5 to 20 minutes. This is to provide several options for treatments in one and the same product.
Therapeutic light provides natural healing of the body, reduces swelling and inflammation, stimulates the immune system and relieves pain.

Why treat both legs at the same time?
We always recommend treating both front legs/back legs or all 4 in the same treatment session. Especially if you are treating the lower part of the leg, the Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2 will stimulate the growth area of ​​the hoof and this can help the hoof to grow faster than the other if left untreated. Giving the two legs the same amount of treatment in the same session will provide a more balanced approach.
You can easily switch between the 16 different protocols in the Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2 with the smart remote control and still keep the horse in Rest&Digest mode. This will give the horse a better and more efficient way to receive the therapeutic light therapy.

Photonic Lights legLIGHT- S2 PRO

1.440,00 €Precio
Impuesto incluido
  • 2 x Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2
    1 x Photonic Lights remote control
    2 x Photonic Lights Power Bank
    2 x Power Bank adapter cable
    2 x Power Bank USB charger cable
    2 x x luxery padded protective bag with shoulder strap
    1 x User manual

  • Photonic Lights legLIGHT S2:
    Dimensions: 42x39 cm
    Rectangular treatment area
    16 protocols
    630 nm Red
    850 nm near infrared

    320 LEDs in medical quality
    50,000 hours lifetime of LED
    2 year warranty from date of purchase
    CE approved

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