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At Caball Therapy System, we have no minimum purchase requirements.

On pictures in the price list and on the website, the colors may look a little different than in reality.

Reservations are made for printing errors, price changes and sold-out items.


The Caball Therapy System automatically saves the information you have entered so that you can see it the next time you order items from us. You can also always go into your account and see order confirmations from previous purchases.


No information is passed on to third parties, except for the delivery address, which is of course written on the package.

Do you want your goods sent in a certain way, time or similar. you can note it in the field "comments" on your order, then we try as much as possible to comply with your wishes. Delivery 2-7 days.



Personal data means information that can be used to identify a person. This can include first name, last name, home address, email address, age, gender and similar contact information.

On this page you can read what information Caball Therapy System stores about you and our partners.

What information do we store?

In order to make an order and delivery for you, we store the following information; First name, last name, address, possible delivery address, e-mail address and telephone number. We store additional information about how far you want to be subscribed to our newsletter.

Information about which items you have bought, how you have paid (online / credit) and invoice are stored in min. 5 years, according to the Accounting Act, so we have documentation for the purchase to Tax.

Emails you send to CTS and which CTS has sent to you are saved min. 1 year, max. 3 years. This is done so we can go back and see any complaints, offers and the like.


Adding services and new effective products can be the growth you are searching for your company.
Whether you are a practitioner or  a seller of products within the health and wellness sector, it can be a good investment to add popular, effective and safe products to your services or product range.

Because of the number of benefits provided to your patient and a practice adding PhotoBioModulation  therapy may be the smartest decision you make.

Please contact us for more information, or fill in the application form 



At CTS, you can pay through the online store using the following card types:

- Visa, Visa Electron
 - Maestro, Mastercard, 
- PayPal


General conditions of payment by card.
Prices in the web shop are VAT inclusive.  Shipping prices and possible reductions are shown in the shopping cart. 
Freight and VAT will show up separately at the checkout.

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