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Photonic Lights Photopuncture Starter Kit DUO Red and Green is a

faster path to better energy


Photopuncture is acupuncture where light is used instead of needles. Photonic Lights P-Pen is a light therapy device, with a focused beam to specifically activate energy points along the acupuncture


Photonic Lights Photopuncture Starter Kit DUO

520,00 € Precio
470,00 €Precio de oferta
Impuesto incluido
  • Photonic Lights P-Pen from Caball Therapy Systems comes with:

    2 x Photonic Lights P-Pen 

    3x Photopoint forms

    2 x Ultra Focus strobe

    Battery charger with USB connector

    Luxuriously padded transport and storage bag


    CTS Photopunture Basic Online Class, an be purchased additionally.
    The course includes 3 additional Photopuncture schemes

  • Research has shown that light moves along these meridians just as it does in fiber optic cables, opening and balancing energy flow.


    This method helps to balance and heal the body, and has been used on horses, pets and humans for over 25 years,
     and has also gained recognition of acupuncture schools and international light therapy programs, as a valuable tool.


    Photopuncture processes

    Photopuncture is usually performed by applying red light directly to the skin above the point for 15 - 30 seconds per point, depending on the power of the device.
    This activates the acupuncture point in a very short time, which results in us being able to use light to reduce pain and inflammation.


    Photonic Lights P-Pen is also good to use in preparation for another light therapy treatment, such as whole body treatments, pad systems and handheld devices like Photizo LED Light Therapy from Caball Therapy Systems.

    Photonic Lights P-Pen is the first and only Photopuncture pen, which comes with focused beam and with the accessory ULTRA FOCUS.
    With ULTRA FOCUS you will have an even higher effect on the beam, but also perfect for areas such as sinuses, ear canals, as well as smaller areas and small animals.

    Photonic Lights P-Pen offers as the only one on the market both FOCUS and ULTRA FOCUS, in contrast to other products with a larger treatment area, which are not designed for targeted photopuncture and which will therefore be able to hit more than one point at a time.

    The only P-Pen with 3 different treatment programs. The advantage of these 3 treatment strengths is that some individuals need longer habituation when starting with photopuncture.  This product gives a great advantage of the ability to start at the lowest strength and work upwards in strength.

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