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Tailored for Icelandic horses.
The Hesturin Wrap from IC LIGHT has been carefully designed to meet the specific requirements of Icelandic horses. With adjustable straps and a contoured design, it ensures a comfortable and secure fit, allowing for easy administration of therapeutic light therapy without causing discomfort to the horse.

By harnessing the latest advancements in therapeutic light therapy, the Hesturin Wrap emits gentle and soothing therapeutic light therapy that penetrates deep into the horse's tissues. This targeted approach promotes cellular rejuvenation, increases blood circulation, and aids in the healing process for a wide range of conditions.

Versatile and comprehensive treatment:
The Hesturin Wrap offers a versatile range of applications, making it suitable for various conditions commonly experienced by Icelandic horses. Whether the horse is suffering from muscle soreness, tendon, ligament, and bone issues, or is affected by injuries and/or arthritis, this product provides an effective solution to accelerate recovery and reduce pain.

Durable and long-lasting:
The Hesturin Wrap is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the demands of equestrian use. It is resistant to moisture and dirt, making it suitable for different environments. With proper care, this durable product will serve the horse's therapeutic light therapy needs for many years to come.

To ensure optimal hygiene and cleanliness:
The Hesturin Wrap is designed with a thin protective film that is compatible with cleaning agents like Leucillin. This allows for effective disinfection and cleaning, keeping the Hesturin Wrap free from bacteria and fungi and maintaining a healthy environment for the horse.

Furthermore, the Hesturin Wrap includes a small and lightweight power bank specifically designed for convenience and easy use. This power bank provides a reliable source of energy for the Hesturin Wrap, ensuring consistent and effective therapy sessions.

Give your small horses the best in therapeutic light therapy treatment by choosing the Hesturin Wrap. Experience the transformative benefits of targeted therapeutic light therapy and witness the improvement in your horse's well-being and performance.



IC LIGHT phototherapy is a recently developed therapeutic light treatment method that combines knowledge from horse owners, riders, veterinarians, and photomodulation professionals. The goal is to offer an effective and cost-efficient solution, so a broader range of animals and humans can experience the healing power of therapeutic light treatment."

IC LIGHT Hesturin Light Wrap

459,00€ Regularna cena
266,00€Cena Rabatowa
PTU w tym
  • 1 pair of IC LIGHT Hesturin Wraps

    2 x Power packs with cables

    2 x Charger cables

    1 x Transport and storage box

    1 x User Manual

  • IC LIGHT - Hesturin Wrap

    6 different programs

    660 nm Red

    810 nm Near Infrared

    850 nm Near Infrared

    280 medical-grade LEDs

    50-155 mW/cm2

    50,000 hours LED lifespan

    2-year warranty from the date of purchase

    CE, RoHS, FCC approved


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