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Infrared Therapy for Men - How It Works, Benefits & More

Red and infra-red therapy has been used by physicians for years to treat a variety of conditions. Discover more about its advantages here! Find out why infra-red therapy is so effective in treating erectile dysfunction! Find out how infra-red therapy works and what it does for your body! Check out the red and infrared therapy before you try it yourself! Read our magazine of the best infrared equipment for men! Discover whether infrared therapy suits you! Learn more about red and infrared devices and their benefits!

Red and Near-Infrared Therapy- and ED?

Medical research has found that nearly 20 million US men are affected by erectile dysfunction (ED). Because hypertension or diabetes is often correlated with ED, lifestyle changes are essential to improving the condition. However, low levels of testosterone and other conditions may also play a role. This article explores the benefits of treating erectile dysfunction with red light therapy, a natural and safe treatment that can address the underlying causes of ED and deliver many benefits for overall health.

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is generally associated with aging, as the natural production of testosterone gradually diminishes over the years. However, younger males may also experience this condition which can lead to psychological and mental health challenges.

Since we're looking at a relatively unconventional treatment here, the first question on your mind is probably, “Is red light therapy safe for the penis?” The answer is yes. And it's safe for your testicles as well, which is just as important. The procedure is increasingly popular for the health of men in general, with famous celebrities, including Turker Carlson, endorsing it.

Regarding safety: Many red light therapy studies use lasers to deliver the light in an approach called “low-level laser therapy.” Laser therapy is effective for treating many conditions; due to the risk of tissue damage, however, it needs to be administered by a medical professional.

But, thanks to technological advances in light-emitting diode (LED) technology, red and near-infrared (NIR) therapeutic wavelengths can be safely supplied via LED red light therapy devices.

The wavelengths used are the same (red and NIR); only the delivery is different. Unlike lasers, LEDs don't heat the tissues, which means LED red light devices offer all the beneficial effects of red light therapy – without the risks.

Note: Shop medical-grade red and near-infrared light Photonic Lights bodyPRO- whole body treatment

In fact, many new studies are carried out with red LED light devices rather than low level laser devices. These studies may refer to treatment like red light therapy, low-level light therapy (LLLT), or PhotoBioModulation, which is now the proper official term for both laser and LED.

The researchers found that irradiating the top of the penis for five minutes with an infrared light allows it to regain the capacity to have spontaneous erections.

After two weeks of this treatment all 24 male patients in one trial were able to get erections and some even increased their penile length.

The system was developed by Dr Ekaterina Koultchavenia from the Novosibirsk Research Institute. (1)

How Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy Works

Our body reacts to light in various ways depending on the color/wavelength. Blue light, for instance, is energizing, green light calms, and as several studies have shown, red light therapy can promote healing.

The term “red light therapy” is used to refer to both red and NIR light. Red wavelengths range from 620 to 750 nanometers (nm) and NIR wavelengths range from 780 to 1200 nm. Hundreds of studies have shown that the greatest number of positive biological effects on the human body is achieved through what is called the therapeutic window.

Red light therapy can use only red wavelength, only NIR wavelength, or (ideally) a combination of both.

Red light therapy supports penile health and sexual health in three direct ways: increased energy production in cells, increased blood flow and reduction of inflammation.

Such benefits could be useful to address the root cause(s) of the ED. Indirectly, red light therapy can treat hormone imbalances that could contribute to low testosterone levels, often referred to as Low-T.

The Red light therapy has also been shown to increase muscle mass, which stimulates the natural production of testosterone; as well as help with weight loss, which can likewise help improve sexual function.

One important fact about red light therapy for ED is that it does not work as ED pills, which are designed to help achieve and maintain an erection. Red light works at the cellular level, where it sustains the optimal functioning of the body. In other words, rather than simply treating ED's symptoms, red light therapy addresses what causes it.

Red Light Therapy Increases Cellular Energy

When cells don't produce enough energy, this is a condition known as mitochondrial dysfunction. Tiny organelles called mitochondria are present in most cells of the body, and their job is to convert raw materials into a type of cellular fuel known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Sometimes that process doesn't work the way it should and the cells runs out. After that, they barely hang in there and their performance suffers. When numerous cells of a system are affected, the entire system suffers.

Mitochondrial dysfunction may be caused by chronic inflammation, illness, and even chronic psychological stress.

Red light therapy has been shown to increase the production of ATP, which enhances cell function.

Why is cellular functioning important for ED?

Low-T is a frequent cause of erection dysfunction. It is most common among men over 40 years of age, but even younger men may be affected by abnormally low levels of testosterone.

Red light therapy stimulates energy generation in Leydig cells, which are the cells responsible for testosterone production. This may of course increase testosterone production at any age.

With consistent red light therapy treatments, you could, with positive lifestyle changes, even restore age-appropriate testosterone levels – or better.

Michael Hamblin, one of the world's foremost experts in red light therapy, published a paper in 2017 titled “Mechanisms and Applications of the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Photobiomodulation. In the paper, Hamblin discusses the efficacy of red light therapy on reducing inflammation, which could be a contributing factor to mitochondrial dysfunction.

A 2008 University of California, San Diego study confirmed that treatment with red and NIR light therapy increased ATP production by mitochondria. Red light therapy (i.e., both red light and near-infrared light) also positively influenced cell proliferation, as well as cellular homeostasis, which is the optimal cell functioning under normal circumstances.

To recap, red light therapy boosts cellular performance in all cells, including Leydig cells – but this is just one way it can help with erectile dysfunction.

Red Light Therapy Increases Blood Flow

Erectile dysfunction is often due to poor blood flow, which is one of the reasons diabetics and men with heart disease often suffer from erectile dysfunction. High blood glucose levels decrease the elasticity of blood vessels and cause blood vessels to narrow, which impedes blood flow.

Increasing blood flow using red light therapy could be one way to treat erectile dysfunction. Red wavelengths absorb into the skin to promote micro circulation.

Near-infrared light penetrates the body deeper, up to about three inches, which means that NIR light therapy can reach the blood vessels in the penis to improve blood flow and help you achieve and maintain an erection.

A 2017 study on the effects of diabetic peripheral artery disease found that red light therapy stimulated vasodilation in both healthy and diabetic blood vessels. This holds promise in treating not only diabetic vascular disease, but any condition where poor circulation could be a contributing cause – such as erectile dysfunction.

In a 2007 paper, Arthur L. Burnett, Johns Hopkins professor and researcher, wrote that a release of nitric oxide is key to achieving and maintaining an erection. Nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscles in the veins, which allows them to expand and increase blood flow.

A 2013 study by researchers from Brigham Young University found that NIR light therapy increased nitric oxide levels in the veins. The researchers concluded that this was a viable treatment wherever increased peripheral blood flow is desired.

A 2017 study on diabetes-related vascular dysfunction found that red light therapy significantly dilated blood vessels, which suggests the potential for red light therapy to increase vasodilation in the penis.

The Best Red Light Therapy Device for Treating ED

Treating ED at home means that your primary red light therapy targets are the penis, the testicles, and the thyroid. You can treat these individually with a small handheld red and near-infrared device such as the Photizo Sport.

This small but mighty red light device delivers red wavelengths plus NIR wavelengths simultaneously to treat every layer of tissue: you get the benefits of red and NIR wavelengths in a synergistic combination that gives you the best of both. The Photizo sport has 30% pulsed waves (PW) and 70% continues wave (CW)

When you're comparing red light therapy devices, look for “irradiance,” which is light energy output measured in milliwatts per centimeter squared (mW/cm2). The higher the number, the more powerful the device. Photizo Sport delivers 330mW/cm2 at close contact.

If you start treating small areas of the body and discover the many benefits of red light therapy, you may be interested in treatment bigger area like the Photonic Lights highPAD 3, or the whole body treatment Photonic Lights bodyPRO

Using a larger PAD makes it more convenient to address systemic inflammation, enhance athletic performance, boost thyroid health, improve blood circulation, and improve sexual health.

The Most Effective Therapeutic Wavelengths

For best results in ED treatment, use a combination of red light and NIR simultaneously. Red wave lengths increase micro circulation for better testicular and penis health and enhance sexual function.

With its longer wavelengths, NIR light penetrates deep into the testes and penis where they reduce inflammation and stimulate the production of energy in cells that the red wavelengths cannot reach.

The devices mentioned above contain an exclusive combination of different red light and NIR wavelengths: from 650-850nm, and also including frequency therapy.

Perseverance and patience.

As beneficial as red light therapy can be, remember that this is not a cure for erectile dysfunction. Rather, it plays a supporting role in boosting cellular performance; in so doing, it creates a positive ripple effect on various bodily systems, including the circulatory system and the endocrine system, which regulates the production of sex hormones.

Daily treatments can, over a period of several months, treat underlying conditions, including hormonal imbalances, which can contribute to ED and inadequate sexual function.This will vary by the condition and efficiency of your device or system of red and near infrared light.

Do not forget to give your body a chance to "reset." It may take weeks or months, depending on the seriousness of the condition.

Since red light therapy has been proven safe for long-term use, you could continue the treatments several times a week indefinitely to support sexual function and contribute to overall health and well-being.

Conclusion: Turn On the Red Light to Combat ED

Hopefully this article has improved your understanding of what contributes to ED, and how red fluid therapy can address the underlying conditions that contribute to it.


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