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Photizo Vetcare® -Light Therapy Animals, stands out as a highly effective therapeutick light therapy device for a variety of animals, including horses, dogs, cats, and more. Veterinarians, animal naturopaths, and pet owners have long recognized the benefits of light therapy, harnessing the power of red and near-infrared wavelengths.

What sets Photizo Vetcare® apart is not only its efficacy but also its commitment to sustainability. All components of the device are designed to be replaceable when needed, aligning with principles of environmental responsibility. Experience healing for your animal companions with Photizo Vetcare®, where effectiveness meets sustainability.

And it does provide a potent treatment for typical animal issues such as:
Musculoskeletal Discomfort:
Photizo Vetcare® offers targeted relief for musculoskeletal discomfort in animals, addressing issues related to joints, muscles, and mobility.
Wound Healing: Accelerate the healing process for wounds and injuries in your animals with the specialized light therapy provided by Photizo Vetcare®.Inflammatory Conditions: Combat inflammation effectively, promoting a more comfortable and balanced state for your animals.
Pain Management:
Alleviate pain in a variety of conditions, ensuring a better quality of life for your cherished pets and animals.
Rehabilitation Support:
Enhance rehabilitation efforts by incorporating Photizo Vetcare® into the recovery plan for animals undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Photizo Light Therapy For Dogs and Cats
The soothing treatment of light  therapy  will benefit almost any dog or cat.
Senior pets will get better quality of life and improve pain management. By increasing comfort and mobility, Photizo Vetcare  can further boost the pet's well-being.

The red and near-infrared light  penetrates your animal’s skin, blood, muscle and bone with specific wavelengths of photons. The photoreceptors in the animal’s cells absorb this light energy, which enhances the healing process by giving the cells a boost of energy.
Unique and scientifically proven wavelengths reach different layers of tissue.
Red light, for example, is more efficiently absorbed by tissue rich in hemoglobin, and is beneficial for healing surface wounds and stimulating acupressure points.
Near-infrared light is able to pass through to deeper tissues such as tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and muscle.
The Photizo Vetcare have the Ideally  combination of both red and near-infrared light with high peak performance irradiation,  and therefore the photons are delivered on the depth where its needed.

 The photoreceptors in the animal cells absorb this light energy, which enhances the healing process by giving the cells a boost of energy.

Drug Free Therapy for Horses
A study carried out on fourteen horses in 1987 found that red and infrared light therapy alleviated chronic back pain. The horses had been unable to perform at their expected standards due to longstanding back pain. Ten of the fourteen horses experienced an improvement in their back pain that was so significant they were able to return to training and competitions.(1)

Influence of low level laser therapy on an equine metacarpal wound healing model Another study found that horses with soft tissue injuries heal significantly faster when treated with a red light wavelength of 635nm.
The study’s authors concluded that red light therapy promoted tissue regeneration while reducing inflammation and pain. 

Photizo Vetcare light therapy is gaining popularity as a non-invasive therapeutic way to help a range of ailments. From wound healing, to helping muscle inflammation its effects are being seen with equine red light therapy helping horses around the world.

Photobiomodulation (PBM) heal and relieve pain: Muscle, tendon & ligament injuries, Pain management of trauma & post surgical wounds in the horses. 
Inflammation & swelling Wound healing, including degloving injuries. Degenerative disc disease & more When the drugs don't work Anti-inflammatory drugs do not heal, they cannot be used before a competition and they often have side effects. 
PBM can be applied by vets, owners, riders and trainers and is best delivered as soon as an injury occurs.

The skin naturally radiates infrared lights every day. However, unlike ultraviolet light – which can have  damaging effects upon the tissues and cells of the body – near-infrared  from LEDs helps cells regenerate or repair themselves.
This technology allows the harness the benefits of the sun, without being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays while also being safe and effective, without adverse side effects.
Red light therapy is similar to near-Infrared light, but  its in the visual spectrum of the light.

 Photizo Vetcare®   offer a useful complementary therapy for animals living with more significant or severe conditions. Regular use of LED light therapy on animals can have preventative benefits. Red and near-infrared light wavelengths keep joints, muscles and tissue healthy by promoting cellular regeneration and reducing inflammation.

Photizo Light Therapy is a non-invasive alternative therapy tool for wound healing, musculoskeletal conditions and pain relief.

Photizo Light Therapy devices harness the healing power of red and near infrared light at specific wavelengths  proven to be effective in accelerating natural healing of the body, reducing swelling and inflammation, stimulating the immune system and relieving pain. 


Cells that are damaged can actually be rejuvenated by red and infrared light.
Photizo® Vetcare stimulates the energy production (ATP) inside the cell, by up to 250 times, thereby stimulating the cells to function at optimum levels. It further stimulates and regulates the DNA and RNA synthesis – the programs inside the cell – to follow the correct healing process, and regulates scar tissue/proud flesh formation. This speeds up the natural healing process by up to 30-40%, and reduces the likelihood of excess scar tissue formation and complications. Photizo® Vetcare stimulates endorphin and serotonin secretion.

PHOTIZO VETCARE is a unique LED phototherapy device that weighs less than 300 grams.
This makes it ideal for working with, on areas where it normally difficult to reach, and less stress for the person performing the treatment.

This amazing hand held machine simple, easy and effective. One touch system.

Which Photizo to use: 


Photizo Vetcare® -Light Therapy Animals

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